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Takam Made Great Progress in CIMT

        Last week was the 15th annual China International Machine Tool show (CIMT) that took place in the capital of China, Beijing. CIMT is one of the four largest machine tool exhibitions in the world following IMTS in Chicago, USA. JIMTOS in Tokyo, Japan, and EMO in Hannover, Germany. Takam was so proud this year to be part of the exhibitor group, we had such a wonderful show resulting in increasing number of overseas dealerships and several domestic dealerships and sales during the exhibition.





        We accept dealers from China, Germany, Japan, ,Italy, Canada, Colombia, Brazil ,Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia and so on to be part of our global sales team for our Vertical machine centers, horizontal machine centers and also our double column machine centers. Also, during the exhibition we sold out the showing machine to our final user in Beijing, China. We owe all these to our high quality of our machines and our pursue for better for more than 29 years.

        We would like to express our appreciation to all of our hard-working dealers and continuous supportive customers for the Takam brand machinery and the Takam team will continue to produce machines with higher quality and lower price for all of our customers.


To get more information, please refer: www.dgbz.icu

You can also refer to our YouTube channel for videos of the machines: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6b4uLfQtAQdlbFG9sfgcg



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