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Indonesia Exhibition

The largest international manufacture exhibition Indonesia manufacture exhibition will be held from 6th Dec. to 9th Dec.. This exhibition is held by the Indonesia Industry Dept. and Machine Tool Industry Association together, every year a session. It is the 28th session till now. As an international exhibition, it attracts 2900 enterprises and 40 countries such as Australia, Russia, Belgium, China, Brazil, Canada, Chech , Egypt, German, France, India, Japan, America.20 countries will attend the exihibition in the form of national Pavilion. Exhibits are metal-cutting and forming machine (including vertical machine center, horizontal machine center, gantry), machine accessories and so on.

 Our company and our Indonesia dealer will attend the exhibition with the vertical machine center TE 1060.

Our vertical machine center TE-1060 has high accuracy high rigidity high efficient and high load.

The base and saddle guideway span is broad. Heavy load full support design, saddle solid structure to ensure processing of heavy load capacity 900kg.The working area is 1100X600mm,providing broader machining area 1000X550mm.X/Y/Z-axis all adopt the linear guideway design, travel is 1000/620/600mm to ensure the heavy load and machining accuracy.

 We welcome the people who are interest in our CNC machines to join the Exhibition together.

CNC machine center, vertical machine center,horizontal machine center,double column machine center

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