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The MBM-Series - Precise High-Speed Horizontal Machine Center

This horizontal machine center is the perfect tool for precise, high speed, high production

parts. The machine was designed with one thing in mind and that is high precision production. 

Equipped with 200+ N.m. high-speed spindle and high-speed rotary table changer at 8 sec

per change. This machine outperforms machines within its class.

 Horizontal Machine Center with 

Unparalleled Rigidity and Agility

The MBM-500 was designed specifically for the use of high-speed spindle to offer outstanding performance in a heavy-duty cutting of large workpieces. Featuring a thick, robust bed and the largest spindle bearing inner diameter in its class. The MBM-500 achieve high rigidity and high accuracy required for heavy-duty cutting. With extended Z-axis strokes and better internal and external operability. The MBM-500 deliver unprecedented levels of productivity. 



Work Piece Sample 

CNC Horizontal Machine

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