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Processing center debugging steps and precautions?

The machining center adjusts the test operation according to the following steps -1) Refueling a lubrication point according to the requirements of the manual, filling the hydraulic oil tank with the required hydraulic oil, and turning on the air source. 2) energizing, each component is separately powered or parts After a power-on test, fully power supply. Observe whether there is any alarm for ea...

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What are the precautions for operating the Gantry Machining Center?

Workshop safety and equipment operation procedures have always been a major event advocated by the company, and the Longmen Machining Center is a production facility for processing large parts. There are many types of gantry machining centers in the form of fixed beam, moving beam, moving column, bridge and composite. It is difficult to operate without professional operational knowledge. Then, I w...

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How to classify common guide rails in machining centers?

The commonly used guide rails of the machining center can be classified into three categories according to the accuracy. C common grade, H high precision grade, and P super precision grade, the guide rails for general machining centers are all above the H grade. According to the type, it can be divided into three types: hard rail, linear slide rail and steel rail guide. The first two are the most ...

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What products are suitable for processing in large machining centers?

The large-scale machining center is literally understood as a relatively large machining center. Here we first think of the size of the machining center. It should be clear that the machining center defines the size of the machining center according to the machining stroke and the size of the workbench. The two types of large-scale machining centers are relatively large. What is the difference bet...

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How to choose the process content of CNC machining?

Taking into account the number and type of CNC machine tools owned by the company, the processing cost of small CNC machining parts, production efficiency and other factors, for a specific part, usually only part of the process is arranged on the CNC machine for processing. Other processes are scheduled to be machined on conventional machine tools, such as locating holes and positioning datum plan...

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What machining center is used for heavy cutting?

Many customers need to buy machining centers for heavy cutting, but they have no experience and can't start. They don't know which machining center to buy. Today, Taicheng CNC will answer all the machining centers for heavy cutting. For machining centers for heavy cutting, we do not need to consider any small machining centers, high-speed machining centers, etc. These types of machining centers ar...

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What are the CNC machining center accessories?

There are many accessories for CNC machining centers. The use of different accessories not only affects the performance of CNC machining centers, but also affects the price of a CNC machining center. Moreover, the standard and matching of each company are different, and customers should carefully choose according to specific needs. The specific hardware configuration of the CNC machining center ha...

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What are the factors that cause tool imbalance in CNC machining centers?

During the use of the CNC machining center, tool imbalance may occur. If we do not adjust in time, it will affect the processing effect. For this reason, we should pay attention to the balance of the CNC machining center tools from time to time. What is the main reason for the imbalance of the handle? The main reason for this is the asymmetry of the tool design, the defect in the tool body and all...

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What are the principles of CNC machining centers for CNC lathes?

What are the principles of CNC machining centers for CNC lathes?     When we use CNC machine tools to machine parts, it is usually necessary to control the various actions of the machine. One is to control the sequence of actions, and the other is to control the displacement of each moving part of the machine. When using ordinary CNC machine tools, such operations such as driving, stoppi...

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