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15th Annual CIMT Exhibition Announcement

CNC Machining Centers make production More Effective


In this more and more furious competition era, many manufacturers are searching the solutions to increase their productivity. When considered productivity, there are also many ways can be choose. Then, one of the essential ways is to use the machine with higher productivity with faster rate of return. We must make sure that we are increasing our productivity with least space to stand out from our competitors.


A company with the insistent pursue of high quality manufacturing for over 28 years. As a leading manufacturer in production of CNC machining centers in China and backed by 0ver 28 years of manufacturing experience with ISO9001 and SGS CE certification, we are always focusing on improving the quality and effectiveness. For example, we make our casting lay in sun and rain instead of using them immediately when we receive them (Most of our competitor do so ) to make sure the high rigidity. So the manufacturer must find that our CNC machining centers are always high quality with reasonable price.


So why not learn more about us in person? Here we are going to take part in the 15th China International Machine Tool Show from April 17th to April 22nd in Beijing.

(Date: 2017.04.17—2017.04.22 Booth: E1-235 Venue: China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing)

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Learn more details please refer:

http://www.dgbz.icu/  the website of Takam Machinery.

http://www.cimtshow.com/ the website of the exhibition

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